Seduced By The Amazing
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“Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” – Jeremiah 33:3

Adrenaline junkies. Hopeless romantics. Superhero movies. We are obsessed with the extraordinary. We use hyperbole and chase glittery images because we have committed fully to the alluring call of the amazing.

Judas betrays Jesus because, absurdly, he doesn’t find Jesus amazing enough. The Messiah. The Prophesied King. Judas has stars in his eyes. This is going to be a revolution. We’ll live in palaces and the world will know us. Judas is devastated that Jesus doesn’t meet his expectations.

We’ve bought into the seduction of the amazing because we do not believe in the ordinary. We need some magic, something new and huge and… amazing.

The problem is this: magic is just an exaggeration of the ordinary. What we call “amazing” is either a manipulation or an exaggeration of what is “normal”.

The real beauty is in the everyday, the mundane, the here and now. We get excited when we hear verses like the one above. We lean in expecting Jesus to part the sea or strike down our enemies. But Jesus’ miracles were just a sign. The sign is pointing to the ordinary things of life. When we lean in to God, the unsearchable riches he whispers are of the ordinary: peace, hope, love, service. We might back away feeling underwhelmed. But these are the greatest treasures of heaven and earth.

Do not be seduced by a false perspective. You have all you need for life and godliness. Do not be seduced into waiting for a magic shortcut. The miracles are just a tool to show you what is available all the time. Choices. Thankfulness. Awareness. These are the elements of living that are truly divine. Truly Amazing.

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