The Author: Tim Dunn

Tim Dunn was born and raised in the oil-rich plains of West Texas. He learned the value of hard work at an early age from a father who worked as a farmer and factory worker during the trying and uncertain days of The Great Depression and World War II. Growing up in Big Spring, TX, Tim was active in his high school’s student council and athletic programs, also earning the rank of Eagle Scout prior to his graduation in 1974.

He married his wife Terri after his junior year at Texas Tech University where he subsequently earned his B.S. in Chemical Engineering. The unexpected pleasure of learning that Terri was carrying their first child led him to scrap his plans to enter law school and accept a job with Exxon Production Research Company in Houston as an engineer. While there, he had the opportunity to work in the Middle East on three separate occasions and learn from some of the world’s most brilliant scientists.

Tim left Exxon to enter the banking industry where after working with First City Bancorporation would become the head of energy and commercial lending with First City Bank of Midland. Returning to operations in the energy business, Dunn joined Parker & Parsley Petroleum in Midland where he would serve as director, general partner, and chief financial officer over the course of his eight-year tenure.

In 1996, Dunn co-founded a business now known as CrownQuest Operating, where he now serves as CEO. He was honored as CEO of the year in the Large Company category in October 2013 by TIPRO and Texas Monthly magazine in their Top Producers program.

In addition to his deep involvement in the petroleum industry, Tim founded Midland Classical Academy in 1998, a non-profit, K-12 learning institution whose upper level curriculum centers on a reading list rooted in the development of western civilization, utilizing the Socratic method in its teaching approach. He has served as a board member since the school’s inception.

Among his active leadership roles, Dunn is a board member of Grace School of Theology and Citizens for Self-Governance, chairman of the board of directors for Empower Texans, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, and The King’s College in New York City, and vice chairman of the board of directors at the Texas Public Policy Foundation and First Liberty Institute.

Tim and Terri continue to make their home in Midland, TX where they are the proud parents of six children and 18 grandchildren.

The Book: Yellow Balloons


The day began like any other, but during the afternoon of September 18, 2015, the tiny heart of 22-month old Moriah Constance Wimberley would stop beating – only to never start again. It would be out of this unimaginable anguish that a West Texas oil man and his family would never view life the same again. Yellow Balloons – Power for Living Life Above the Circumstances by Tim Dunn is both memorial and testimony to Moriah’s young life and how each of us can be blessed and empowered to live life above the agonies, the drudgeries, and the mountaintops of our “two-minute ride” here on earth.

Reared in Big Spring, TX, Dunn and his wife, Terri raised their six children some 40 miles to the southwest in the capital of the West Texas oil patch, Midland, TX. The booms and busts of the petroleum industry had already taught them plenty about handling the ups and downs that life could bring, but none of it could compare to the loss of their granddaughter, Moriah, on that dry and dusty September day. Accustomed to making high-risk business decisions, they were now faced with the most challenging decision of them all.

How would they choose to view this terrible and sudden tragedy? Would they become crippled by the seemingly unbearable grief or would they, could they, somehow rise above it to not only live again, but to live differently, realizing that with the right perspective, they could tap into something Divine, something powerful.

According to Dunn, “Our lives are a grand drama, one that supersedes Spiderman, Cinderella, Lord of the Rings, or whatever other epic tale has captured our imaginations. Every one of us is intended to play a leading role, but accepting the role is up to us. Our lives here on earth are a very short, spectacularly amazing, once-in-an-existence opportunity. I call it our `two-minute ride’. If we fail to choose the right perspective, we may very well miss the opportunity of a lifetime.”

Drawing from a tested, but unwavering, faith in God and His revealed truth in Scripture, Tim shares a better way to view life when traveling through the valleys of profound grief and tragedy, the monotonous routine of daily life in the plains, and the intoxicating success experienced on the mountaintops. Through these experiences, the believer is challenged to embrace their inner “superhero”, realizing they have been called to fight an evil superpower that is often cloaked in ordinary selfishness, expressed in ordinary activities, where more often than not, they feel like the underdog rather than the “superhero” God has empowered them to be.

Ultimately, making the most of one’s “two-minute ride” lies in their ability to harness true perspective – a perspective gained from knowing God Himself through a living faith in Christ. Dunn offers all of us hope, reminding us that the circumstances of life are our opportunities to learn, and while not always easy, it truly is possible to live above it all.