Life on Earth is an adventure, a brief ride through the ebbs and flows of what it means to be human. But adventures are not ends unto themselves. Any good adventure is born of desire. A desire for something greater than what we currently possess. What propels us to fully enjoy our earthly adventure is the desire to arrive at a heavenly city.

Ironically, desiring to relocate to a heavenly country is an essential part of enjoying our stay on this earth. It is part of what makes this life exciting. This brief journey is a preparation to fully enjoy what awaits.

If modern technology is any indication, we seem to be a people longing for immediate gratification. We live in an age that relentlessly reduces waiting. So perhaps it is more challenging than ever to accept the delayed realities of God’s promise: a heavenly city prepared as a great reward for those who seek and follow God.

But we can also choose the perspective that this challenge makes the adventure even greater. The best way to navigate the tension is through faith.

This verse comes from Hebrews 11, which is often called the “Hall of Faith.” Many faith superheroes are cited. Some, like Samson, squandered much of their lives, but ended well.  Some experienced amazing mountaintops of success, being agents of God’s miraculous works.  Others experienced the valleys of martyrdom. 

What they held in common was an eye toward a greater prize. They pursued their adventure with great gusto, exercising the obedience of faith, knowing God is faithful to fulfill His promise. The promise that the end of the adventure is a city God has prepared.

“But as it is, they desire a better country, that is, a heavenly one. Therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God; for He has prepared a city for them.”
– Hebrews 11:16