Complacency is perhaps the greatest danger facing the growing Christian. The temptation to coast. To be satisfied with what has already been, to feel stuck, unable to do more. When we stop striving we forfeit the journey.

If we have the wrong perspective about daily life it naturally leads to complacency. If we expect circumstances to bring us happiness, we inevitably miss the opportunity for fulfillment.

We can mistakenly think that joy comes from a new romance or experiencing a particular emotion. In our pursuit of mountaintops, we can miss the amazing opportunities all around us.

The Lord is not waiting for a big moment, a grand reveal, a high emotion. He is whispering today. Shouting in the mundane. Pleading through the everyday: “Follow Me.” The important thing about “Follow Me” is not the specific destination we are being led to but the One whom we are following. It is the Who not the where that truly matters.

There is an immense cost to complacency. It results in a forfeiture of opportunity. When we awaken our perspective to the truth of Christ all around us, in every moment, through every decision, we awaken what is incomplete, what we have that’s been losing steam. We adopt a perspective that leads to joy.

This is the invitation of life on the plains. To perceive the divine all around us. To see the truth in all things. To be awakened to the fullness of the Kingdom of Heaven. And to rejoice in the fullness of life, even (perhaps especially) in the everyday, mundane routines.

“Wake up, and strengthen the things that remain, which were about to die; for I have not found your deeds completed in the sight of My God.”
– Revelation 3:2