When angels gather to watch over the earth, they look with anticipation to see the choices we make in faith. They nudge each other and point down at us as we make judgments without benefit of tangible evidence, trusting in a God we cannot directly see or touch.

Down here on earth, we find the choices difficult. It is hard to make decisions based on faith. It is tempting to direct our attention elsewhere. Rather than focusing on making the best choices, we often prefer to pursue distractions. One of our favorite distractions is to focus on the choices to be made by others. Point to their story instead of ours. We prefer to see and judge how they are doing, rather than focus on how we are doing.

We are not meant to know the journey of another. Each person’s story is uniquely precious to them and to God.

Our own faith is enough for us to work out. Our own obedience is enough of a task to concern our hearts and minds. The story of others is theirs. But our story is ours. And Jesus invites us to walk in the obedience and faith within our journeys he has graciously gifted us. We could easily get lost in watching others. But the command of God is clear: “Follow me!”

“So Peter seeing him said to Jesus, ‘Lord, and what about this man?’ Jesus said to him, ‘If I want him to remain until I come, what is that to you? You follow Me!’”
– John 21:21-22