Life is an epic journey full of twists and turns, struggles and triumphs. We face all kinds of situations in our lives. Times when we are confident and times when we are afraid; times when we know what to do, times when we are uncertain, and times when we are completely baffled. Times when we cry in agony and times when we laugh so hard we cry.

All along the way, through every circumstance and season, God is directing our hearts. No matter where our steps go, no matter what our fingers do, there is a great invitation for our hearts. 

That invitation is for us to steward our opportunities in God’s love and Christ’s perseverance. To perceive everything we encounter as a way to express love to God and to one another. And to endure the complicated journey with perseverance. We only persevere when we have a vision worth pursuing; something worth the cost required. And Christ is that cause.

Throughout all we say and do, all we encounter and all we avoid, God is working to direct our hearts. He is guiding us toward truth, leading us into a perspective that loves and honors Him.

Whatever we face today, God is there. He is present. He is inviting us to navigate our circumstances with courage and to see all that happens as an opportunity to lean into a life of faith.

“May the Lord direct your hearts into God’s love and Christ’s perseverance.”
– 2 Thessalonians 3:5