In every superhero movie, there is always a moment. The drama has built. Something significant is at stake. The camera zooms in for a close up as if to ask, “what are you going to do?”

As faith superheroes, we have such moments as well. Moments of drama and significance. The challenge is that these moments don’t always let us know when they are coming. We can’t hear the music change or see the camera lens zoom in on us. It could be any moment.

So we can treat every moment as being full of potential and importance. And that would be true. Faith, after all, is not one single choice, but a habit of choices.

Every circumstance we encounter is a significant moment of choice. How will we respond? What will we say? What will we do? Every choice is important.

We are royalty, sons and daughters of The King. And as God’s children, we have been blessed with a life of opportunity. A chance to make choices that further His Kingdom and bring glory to his name.

We ought to be intentional about the way we wield our faith. Today is an opportunity. Now is a moment. The lens of angels is zooming in on us, wondering, “what choice will they make?” Our decisions are an opportunity to be a faithful witness. And to align our awareness with the significance of the story of God.

“…And who knows whether you have not attained royalty for such a time as this?”
– Esther 4:14