I doubt this is unusual, but I tend to put a higher standard on others than on myself. The old saying “There is no amount of other people’s pain I cannot endure” is a saying for good reason. We tend to be very good at standing in our own shoes, but not too competent at standing in the shoes of others.

This verse says something very sobering that changed my life. When I sit down with Jesus in heaven to learn the lessons I failed to learn in this life, and have my life’s work evaluated the “tape measure” Jesus will use is the one I sent ahead. And I send it ahead based on the standard with which I judge others. Once the truth of this verse sunk in, I got waaaay more lenient with other people. I am hoping Jesus pulls out a tape measure and says “What do you know, there’s no tape inside this thing, guess you did great.”

The key to properly judging others is to stand in their shoes. Everyone has a story. Do we know their story? We can only learn their story by listening.

Listening is a learned trait. As we practice listening with other humans, we are developing the capacity to hear the voice of God.

When we have the humility to hear what others are saying, we might discover things within ourselves that need cleansing. Listening to God is essential for character development, self-awareness, and growth.

We have the opportunity to do this before being translated to the heavenly realm. We can gain perspective by listening to other people.

“‘Consider carefully what you hear,’ he continued. ‘With the measure you use, it will be measured to you—and even more.’”
– Matthew 4:24