We are only here for a little while. Life is inherently fragile, temporary. There are a finite number of days for us to walk this Earth. A finite number of opportunities and choices.

It is natural to focus a lot of attention toward trying to prolong our lives. We fight against the tide of time, the doom of death. But it is important not to set aside the chance to truly live today.

Life on Earth may be brief, but it is full of purpose. Our life here is the childhood of our existence. Eternal life is a gift, but it is also a reward. We are given life with Christ; we are new creations. But we “grow up” when we learn to make good choices.

This is a life of faith, a journey brief and powerful. Children are unaware of the opportunities surrounding them largely because their experience is limited and they have no basis to compare. It is likewise for us. The Bible tells us a little about the life ahead, but it seems clear it’s like telling a three year old what it is like to grow up and get married.

Our brief time on this Earth is a shadow of the things to come. It is an opportunity to participate in a Kingdom that transcends time and existence. We can barely grasp what’s ahead, but we can believe God’s word. The reward of loving obedience is more than we can ever imagine.

Life is a limited engagement. Full of adventure, sorrow, and opportunity. Ripe with beauty and meaning. We can lament our fate or press into it. We can deny reality or make the most of it. There is little time to waste.

“Man is like a mere breath; His days are like a passing shadow.”
– Psalm 144:4