God usually gives us what we want. If we realize what we truly desire, what we truly need, is intimacy with Him; He will provide. If we stubbornly demand our own way, refusing the advances of His Kingdom within our heart, He will give us what we pursue (separation from Him) as a manifestation of His wrath. 

This is a major way God judges. He gives us what we desire. This is the reality of God’s wrath, letting us have our desires. It is also a major reality of God’s love. 

Another manifestation of God’s judgement is to give us what we wished, or visited, upon others. If we don’t forgive others, then God will give to us according to the measure we used for others. This is the heart of The Lord’s Prayer. The breach in fellowship we created with others will now be visited upon us.  

This was true of the Babylonians and Pharaoh. God did to them what they did to others.

Hell is likely people in the presence of Jesus, but without a new redeemed body. They are “left alone” – unredeemed. So they didn’t have to change. They got what they wanted. And they wished to dominate others. So now they are dominated by all that surrounds them.  

The key, then, to avoiding God’s wrath is not to hide from Him or to manipulate our circumstances so that we look better than we are. The key, simply, is to not want it. Instead, to lean into our desire for something greater than ourselves, the true desire of our heart.

By trusting God, we align significant elements of our being. What we desire most, what is in our best interest, what God wants for us, and what strengthens our ability to love others.

“Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts… ”
– Romans 1:24