The beginning and the end of The Lord’s Prayer are statements as to the very nature of God, His glory. Jesus’ glory is in His power, for He alone is God. The creator and sustainer of all.

Glory is the essence of something being observed. God’s glory is seen in all He has made. The observable majesty of heavenly bodies speak loudly of the essence of God in His power as a creator. The glory of God is also seen when we walk in obedience, bringing the harmony of righteousness into our sphere. God’s glory is even seen when it is contrasted with things that oppose God, as when God’s glory was shown through the resistance of Pharaoh. 

God’s power and glory does not depend upon anything. Everything shows God’s glory. God’s glory simply is. There is no need to manufacture glory for God. Everything will reflect God’s glory in some way. Our choice is whether to reflect God’s glory as a fruit-bearing vine, a creation that fulfills its design, or as an obstinate resistor that demonstrates God’s righteous discipline.

The Lord’s Prayer puts us into a mindset to declare His glory by reflecting His nature. To live according to the parameters of his Kingdom, and to steward our life choices in the arenas we find ourselves. 

The Lord’s Prayer is an invitation for us to live as the creation God made us to be. It is a pathway, a key to unlock the incredible power of reality. To reveal the truth in us and the world around us. A big part of that power is a true perspective about what is, and the path we can choose to gain the blessings we crave.

This is the fifth and final in a series of devotionals centered around The Lord’s Prayer. We hope this series encourages you to examine how and why you pray. We hope it unlocks some clarity around the power and purpose of prayer. And we hope it leads you to the heart of God.

“Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name… (Yours is) the power and glory forever. Amen.”
– Matthew 6: 9, 13