Throughout The United Kingdom, Canada, and elsewhere in the world, one of the staples of the holiday season is Boxing Day, the day right after Christmas. It has devolved into a day about sports and shopping deals. But the origins of Boxing Day are about giving.

We look forward to Christmas and the presents under the tree. Often we are focused on the ones with our names on it. We head into Christmas looking to experience the blessings and the hope of the holiday season, including the gifts for ourselves.

This verse in Deuteronomy reminds us of the cyclical nature of giving/receiving. These words are written in regards to another holiday – The Feast of Tabernacles. Life is about being a blessing as well as receiving blessings. It is about giving “in proportion to the way the Lord” has blessed us. Not more, not less. In proportion.

We are meant to work with one another in this mutual relationship – where we give to one another according to what has been given to us. Our treasures are not to be hoarded, but shared. The sharing is to be according to what we have, not what we wished we had.

This was the original design for Boxing Day. People filled boxes with goods to give to the poor. Or to share with others. The day after Christmas was giving day.

If the holiday season becomes all about what we can get, what we can consume, we are missing much of its opportunity. And missing much of what life is all about, much of what God calls us to. We ought to rejoice in the opportunity to receive as well as the opportunity to give.

Tis’ the season for sharing; not just our goods but our attention and affection. Each of us has different talents and opportunities. All of us are invited to use our opportunities as unto the Lord. To spread the name of Christ, the spirit of Christmas, by sharing what has been given to us with others.

“Each of you must bring a gift in proportion to the way the Lord your God has blessed you.”
– Deuteronomy 16:17

Christmas is one of the most clear opportunities to lean into the reality of Christ in the world. During this Advent season, Yellow Balloons invites you into a five-part devotional series on the meaning, value, and opportunity of Christmas. We pray it awakens you to the truth and beauty of Jesus Christ.