There is perhaps nothing more powerful than the ability to worship in the face of suffering. The entire book of Job is an ode to the power of worship. We often talk about Job as a book of perseverance. We talk about it as an example of faith. All of these are a byproduct of Job’s commitment to worship.

In the face of unbearable tragedy, Job’s reaction is praise. He finds a way to be thankful, to celebrate who God is. He grieves. He asks questions. He struggles. But he holds true to a perspective that does not waiver based on these circumstances, no matter how horrendous.

We think of perspective as a way we view the world, something simple and easy that can be adjusted, blown around by the wind. But perspective is the choice we make about what we accept as true.

This is an act of worship.

Declaring truth, clinging to it, and trusting in the journey it takes us on is a difficult enterprise. It is much easier to focus on “fixing” our circumstances. It is much simpler to fight for control, to demand our own way. The mystery of the Kingdom is difficult. Trusting God in all circumstances is challenging. Like Job, we have the ability to choose a perspective of thankfulness and adoration.

“Job stood up and tore his robe in grief. Then he shaved his head and fell to the ground to worship.”
– Job 1:20