It is difficult to fathom, but the divine Jesus was actually human. So He can identify with the daily difficulties of his followers. He knows the disciples to whom He addresses the Sermon on the Mount have dally concerns – getting clothed, fed and housed. And He knows those things tend to create worry. Anxiety. Angst.

Jesus makes a provocative statement: “Seek God’s kingdom first, and all the other things you are concerned about will be added”.

Since Kingdom righteousness is a condition of the heart, it really begins with gaining a proper perspective. God made us and has our best interest at heart. He gave us the gift of making choices, the power and knowledge to make good decisions. He gave us a “narrow gate” through which we can find the fulfillment for which our heart yearns.

If we seek, we will find. If we knock, the door of opportunity will be opened to us. God is our good Father and he desires what is best for us. Keeping our focus on him is the only way to righteousness.

One aspect seems apparent, if we seek Jesus’ kingdom and His righteousness as our first priority, it will most certainly affect our perspective on life’s daily necessities. Worry about what we do not have can be replaced with gratitude for what we do have.

Kingdom living is a more productive way of living. Living in integrity, serving others, setting aside addictions to pleasure and fame all naturally lead to having more capacity to meet our daily needs.

The Sermon on the Mount is much more than a spiritual guide. It is an imminently practical means to meet our deepest longings. But the route to get there will not be as broad, obvious, and instantly-gratifying as sin, which is why not many find it.

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”
– Matthew 6:33