The Hall of Faith is full of great ark-builders. Like us, these people are called to erect an ark of faithful obedience, a life of service. And a life of love – one key specification to build your ark is to love well.

But love is not as simple as just being nice. Noah is not renowned for his politeness, his upbeat and positive attitude. Real love is doing what’s in the best interest of others. Someone who needs an intervention might not appreciate it in the moment. Or perhaps ever. But it is love nonetheless.

Noah intervened to confront the wickedness around him by building an ark. In doing so he offered them an intervention – a better way.

Scripture provides a blueprint for the self-interest of each human being. When we live according to that blueprint, we are building an ark with our lives. We are accepting the invitation to live a better way.

God’s perspective, revealed to us through His holy word, lets us know what is best for each of us. Which informs us how to live well. How to truly love.

It takes real courage to love well. It isn’t always applauded when we pursue true love and invest in God’s perspective of what it means to care for one another. To pursue not only our best interest, but the interest of others.

Noah trusted God and showed people a way to be delivered from death. But it wasn’t popular. Almost everyone declined. But Noah pleased God. And that is why his life was a great success.

“By faith Noah, when warned about things not yet seen, in holy fear built an ark…”
– Hebrews 11:7