In Zechariah 8, God discusses what Jerusalem will look like when He restores it. What will be marvelous. What is holy. Part of the picture God paints includes play. Having fun. Children having a great time. 

Play is a gift from God. Having fun should be a holy endeavor. When we play as children, we are reminded of our original design. Work was God’s gift to humanity. But sin made work toilsome. “Play” can be thought of as work as it was originally designed. We can experience the sensation of accomplishment. We can experience the camaraderie of teamwork – we can even enjoy the success of others.

Playing games ought to remind us of the joy set before us for our full lives. The short time frame of games is a reminder that life is also brief. Like games, we can win at life. God wants us to win at life. God exhorts us to win at life. Seven times, to seven churches in Revelation, Jesus says “to the overcomer I will give” various rewards. “Overcomer” is a translation of “Nikao” which is also translated “victory”, “conquer” and “prevail.”

Let’s set aside sufficient time to play. To remember what it feels like to experience joy. To laugh until we cry. To smile until our cheeks hurt. To enjoy company with the people we love. Done the right way, play is holy. It is marvelous in the eyes of God. 

We tend to compartmentalize “holy” as something that is solemn on Sunday. We tend to think God is somewhat disappointed with the rest of our week. God offers His perspective, and it is a substantial departure from this common view. He loves to watch children play in his streets. And the whole world is the Avenue of The Kingdom of God.

And the streets of the city will be filled with boys and girls playing in its streets.’”
– Zechariah 8:5