Wisdom is the crossroad of knowledge and action. As we seek wisdom, we are not just looking for the right way to think but also the right way to do.

Like everything else in life, knowledge is a kind of trial. Discretion, even right discretion, can be used improperly. Or it can be idolized. We love to trumpet our “wisdom”, to blast it from the pulpit or across the table to a needy friend. We like having the right answers. We enjoy the knowledge.

And we should. It is a gift. A gift to be celebrated. But when we stop short of acting out the knowledge we have received, we do not use this gift to its fullest ability. We waste it. Knowledge is a benefit. Knowledge accompanied by action is an even greater benefit.

The “humility” of wisdom comes through seeing our knowledge as a resource, an opportunity. A chance to know God, to love others, and to exercise our character in a way pleasing to the Lord. The real heart of humility is seeing things as they are. And wisdom is a two sided coin – knowledge and action. One without the other is incomplete and even dangerous. But together, they hold the key to the path of life. The key to living well.

Wisdom is a great tool and, therefore, a great responsibility. We must model our wisdom. We must live out our action. What we do must match what we say. Our wisdom should manifest in our words and our actions, our internal and external conversations, in what we think and in what we do.

“Who is wise and understanding among you? Let him show it by his good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom.”
– James 3:13