Throughout it’s pages, the Bible speaks about or infers that God retains “a remnant”. The remnant are those who pass through the gauntlet of circumstances with their faith intact. Those who do not lose heart or surrender their courage to continue to walk in truth and grace.

The command Jesus gave us to be the “salt” of the world is a call to live as a remnant. When salt is applied, it only needs to be a small amount in order to have its designed effect. That’s also the job of a remnant. When it retains its character, it preserves all it surrounds.

We tend to think of being salt when we walk through life’s valleys. But the greatest opportunity to serve as a salty remnant is on life’s plains, simply because that is where most of life occurs.

The plains contain a vast array of experiences. A myriad of opportunities. Every single one of them brimming with it opportunity as well as peril. But this is a perspective we must choose. The plains do not impose it upon us. If we aren’t intentional about seeing life on the plains as an opportunity to be salt, they can become a hypnotic routine. Like monotonous white stripes on an endless straight road. 

There are no meaningless choices. Each and every day, the decisions we make have an impact on who we are, whom we trust, and where we aim our worship. 

Living life on the plains as salt, as a member of the remnant is transformative. But it requires adopting a perspective that what the world considers menial, like taking the trouble to deliver a cup of cool water to a person in need, is actually something that is great in God’s economy.

Today is an opportunity to live a remnant lifestyle. Those who trust God with small things will receive the riches of his kingdom.

“But I will leave within you the meek and humble. The remnant of Israel will trust in the name of the Lord.”
– Zephaniah 3:12