One of the ironic pitfalls of the spiritual life comes from our attempts to compartmentalize our journey. We take good concepts like a “quiet time” or a “discipline” and turn them into spiritual silos. Instead of using these good things to launch our spiritual journey onto the plains of life, we isolate our spiritual lives. We read our devotional in the morning. Check. Then we can go about our day and live as the world lives.

Spiritual disciplines are designed to usher us toward a life of godliness. The point of preparing our heart with devotional thought is not to contain God. It is to unleash the power of God.

If we turn devotional moments into a brief monastery visit, we are missing the point. And missing the opportunity.

We are not called to contemplate a life of faith. We are called to walk a life of faith. We are called to journey and steward and choose. Faithfulness is a lifestyle. Not a practice we do as one of many things in our schedule, but a way of life that transcends our entire calendar.

The point of devotional activities is to prepare for the walk. To make certain we know where we are going, and have what we need for the journey. Devotional activities should be an integral part of life, no matter what terrain we happen to be traversing.

If our disciplines are not informing our daily decisions, we are leaving much on the table. We have given Him some of our time. But He invites more. He asks for it all. And He promises our reward will be the full experience of life.

“The God who made the world and everything in it is the Lord of heaven and earth. He doesn’t live in shrines made by human hands.”
– Acts 17:24