Our emotions are important. They let us know that something of value needs to be addressed. When some say they are “triggered”, this is what it means. Something that matters has been awakened. Emotions are like a values alarm clock.

They are great helpers but terrible masters. They are fine servants but lousy kings. The only way to give them their proper due, no more and no less, is by beginning our response by exercising the patience of waiting on the Lord. Listening to Him before we act. Let the Spirit inform us how to proceed. This takes courage. Emotions can demand our obedience like a fearsome tyrant.

But God is greater. The Spirit is, after all, the True King. We can strengthen our hearts in him. And intimacy with the Spirit is the foundation for true happiness. We were created for communion with God. Worship is our call.We are most whole when we listen to our emotions to understand when action is needed, but make decisions about what actions to take led by the Spirit. We don’t normally associate emotions with making excellent decisions, but that is our opportunity.  And it begins with waiting on the Lord.

“Wait for the Lord; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord.”
– Psalm 27:14