We are constantly looking ahead. Especially during the seasons of life on the plains. We are concerned about the next problem. The next downturn.

Our culture is addicted to drama. We treat stress as some sort of nutrient, necessary for our survival. A secret value.

We do not know what it means to be content. We need a high. And in the absence of a high, a low serves. It makes more sense than contentment. In fact, a low is just an inverted high. We live on the extremes. We don’t know how to just be without a turbo-charge of emotion.

Our perspective on trouble multiplies exponentially as we hold on to past problems and count all possible future ones. Ironically, we lose sight of our current troubles. Their true nature is hiding under fears for the future and wounds from the past. We are angry today but can’t really understand why.

Life on the plains is an opportunity for self-awareness. An invitation to ownership. Worrying about tomorrow won’t negate the necessary choices of today. We cannot avoid stewarding today’s opportunities. We can choose to look beyond it and thus let it pass us by. But that is a choice.

Tomorrow has its own choices. Opportunity awaits. But it is also here. Now. Today is a day of challenge. A day of beauty. A day of choice.

“So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”
– Matthew 6:34