When it comes to riches in The Kingdom of God, quality trumps quantity. What good are a thousand rotten bananas versus ten ripe ones? How do a million wasted opportunities stack up against one triumphant one? What is the measure of a billion dollars toward our fleshly appetites compared to a single dollar in service of The Kingdom of God?

For the wicked, resources like money are dangerous. They are stewarded by the user toward destruction, feeding a blackhole of ego, isolating oneself from others, consumed by greed. And it is doubly dangerous because the wicked are convinced the quantity can overcome the lack of quality. They can also be consumed by the lie that their quantity of resources is a safe harbor; they don’t need anything else – just more and more resources (a proverbial black hole).

On the other hand, the resources of the righteous become an abundance of opportunity. An opportunity to help others and to steward temporal resources toward eternal ones.

We do not have to be quantitatively wealthy in order to be qualitatively rich. The true measure of our lives is not in what we accumulate but in how we steward what we have. Not just our money, but our time, our choices, and our relationships. All of it is just a tool. It is inanimate, brought to life by the use it serves in The Kingdom of Heaven. 

The same list of line items can be a great treasure or a great disease. The key is what we choose to do with it. The key is our perspective, how we view ourselves, our resources, and the God of opportunity.

“The house of the righteous contains great treasure, but the income of the wicked brings ruin.”
– Proverbs 15:6