When God created the world, there was a thread of truth woven through all the elements of creation. People and animals. Vegetation and seas. Ideas and language. All of it is a careful tapestry woven together by the God of all goodness and truth.

For this reason, all of creation feels adverse consequences when it denies the truth. We try to operate outside of reality. We try to ignore the pattern, the foundation of the universe.

When we speak truthfully, we cooperate with God’s ordered world. We participate in Eternity. We align ourselves with who God is and what He is about.

The truth can sometimes be challenging. We might prefer something that is more comfortable or simpler according to our individual agenda.

But the truth is its own reward. It is always wiser and better to align with the thread of all existence, the God of all things, than to fight against it.

Pursuing the truth faithfully comes with its own set of consequences. It may hurt. People may not like it. You may not particularly enjoy it. But the cost of ignoring the truth is much greater than the cost of aligning with it.

In the end, God’s delight is a prize too great for the wise to ignore. There is no greater prize. There is no greater joy.

Today, let us search for the truth with humility. Let us find it and align with it with vehement courage. To the delight of the Lord.

“The Lord detests lying lips, but he delights in people who are trustworthy.” – Proverbs 12:22