Every human claims to be an advocate for truth. We do not like being misled. We demand honesty.

Unless the truth hurts.

Then we prefer to redefine truth, and make it in our own image. Instead of inclining our heart to understand what is actually true, we substitute a false data point or perspective and call it “true”.

But deep down, we know better. There is something in us that thirsts for truth. Something that nags at our souls. When we tell a lie to preserve our self-image, our soul grieves that a part of us has died.

Truth is like a tuning fork that harmonizes us with the heart of God. Like an instrument, we are in constant need of fine-tuning. If our ear isn’t adjusted to the truth, it is hard to tell if we are making music or noise. If we will incline our hearts to seek and understand his ways, He will forge us into an instrument of infinite skill, created for His divine purpose. 

Truth can hurt. It can expose. It can make us “look bad.” Our value for truth often goes out the window when it comes in conflict with our value for being approved by others. But this is living life as an out-of-tune instrument. Sour notes are painful to listen to. The truth tunes us to be played by our Master with perfection. And our calling as human beings is to live in harmony with Him.

“Make your ear attentive to wisdom, Incline your heart to understanding”
– Proverbs 2:2