There are several places in Scripture where this passage is quoted. It is used as an encouragement, to let the people of God know that there are heavenly beings cheering them on and working (on command of God Himself) to aid us on our life journey.

Psalm 8 tells us that God, in His infinite wisdom, decided to bestow upon us mere mortals an incredible opportunity – an appointment to be stewards over His creation. Even though we are inferior creatures to the angels, babes by comparison, God created us to rule over the earth. Why? 

The scriptural narrative provides many clues. It seems that living by faith, walking in dependence on God is what closes the mouth of those who speak evil. 

It is this incredible reality, the spectacle of us as inferior creatures walking by faith, that amazes the angels. They can’t live by faith. We only can during our brief life journey.  Which is why we need to embrace every opportunity to walk by faith for the precious treasure it is. 

When we choose to trust God, to walk in faith, the angels watch in awe. They celebrate. They travel to and fro in their efforts to aid us along our path amazed that we make the choice to believe even though we can’t see. Ephesians tells us that when we walk in faith, we provide insight for these heavenly beings to learn of God.  

But of course this once-in-existence-opportunity is realized only when we embrace and act upon the opportunity to actually walk by faith. To live in obedience. To be a courageous witness. The angels are watching because so much is at stake.

“For he will command his angels concerning you, to guard you in all your ways.”
– Psalm 91:11