We seek material wealth because of what we perceive it will do for us. We believe it will provide peace, prestige, security, power or significance. We long for spiritual things and believe we can get to them by the superficial means of asset accumulation.

The Bible tells us that money is neither good nor bad. It is not money, but the love of money, that is problematic. When we depend on money to meet our deepest needs, our devotion makes it our god. But there is a better way.

If we have a perspective that our wealth is a means toward service rather than a means of control, we are on the right track toward redeeming our relationship with money.

Scripture says we cannot serve two masters. And if we love money, it becomes our master. The only way to ensure a healthy relationship with finances is to place them under the authority of a greater Master. Make them tools of service rather than idols, subservient to that which matters most.

God has given us all things to enjoy. He invites us to adopt a perspective that money is just passing through our hands on its way to someone else. We get to steward its direction for a brief time. Our temporal stewardship of wealth is a chance to “lay up treasure in heaven” by using it to serve others and celebrate the Kingdom of God.

The pursuit of money is vanity. Good stewardship of money in service to God is a spiritual act of obedience.

“He who loves money will not be satisfied with money, nor he who loves abundance with its income. This too is vanity.”
– Ecclesiastes 5:10