“Drawing from the pages of Scripture, Tim Dunn teaches us that maintaining proper perspective is not only fulfilling, but also provides the strength and wisdom we need to navigate the valleys and mountain tops of our journey here on earth. Much more than that however, he reminds us that the way in which we live now will have impact for all of eternity. It is a must read for anyone wanting to make sense out of what appears to be senseless.”

Dave Anderson, PhD

President of Grace School of Theology

“This is a practical book. Gritty like the Texas town Tim Dunn grew up in. Direct yet endearing. Compact yet profound. Themes like faith, testing and empowerment come alive in unique ways, all designed to help us shape a vital, godly perspective. Don’t miss the richness that comes from Dunn’s down-to-earth style. I read every word and wanted more.”

John D. Beckett

Chairman, The Beckett Companies

Board member, Cru International

Author of ‘Loving Monday’ and ‘Mastering Monday’

“Every now and then you come across a commentary that explains clearly in a straight forward format what life is really about. Yellow balloons is such a book.

 Yellow Balloons is a wonderful insight into relationship with our Creator, our family, our fellow employees, and also with ourselves and our perspective as outlined by Jesus Himself. In John 17:3 Jesus said “this is eternal life that you would KNOW the one true God and Christ whom he has sent.” His Kingdom has come. He sent the Holy Spirit to be our Helper.

 Tim Dunn becomes transparent and shares his story of personal loss, misplaced priorities, and his personal spiritual path. The “what did I do to deserve this”, “why me,”, and even “what could I have done” are addressed as he takes us through creating perspectives which are scripturally based and applicable to all of us.

 A.W.Tozer taught about thinking rightly about GOD. Tim Dunn teaches us “the how to” in that thinking. We are all on a short journey thru this life, and the experience and learning shared by Tim will challenge us to truly Know the One true GOD. He shares that perspective, the perspective in relationship to the ONE TRUE GOD, no matter your situation, will give your life meaning regardless of circumstance.

 Tim causes us to think in the now with the Holy Spirit as our partner in this journey. He relates to me at age 70 and he relates well how to live that journey whether on the highest mountain top or in the depths of the valley., or on the plains where we most often find ourselves.

 This is a book for everyone who would like to lift burdens and have relationship in every aspect of the journey called LIFE. A journey that is relationship with His Helper.”

Tom Coburn

Former U.S. Senator

“In Yellow Balloons, Tim Dunn reminds us it is not what we know about God that matters.  What matters is that we know God personally by faith, and that we let Him love us through all our trials and suffering. Through his own Job-like experience, Tim shares his journey into a place where we can see God and know him in a much deeper way than ever before. It is a journey you can take with him by reading Yellow Balloons.  I promise it will not disappoint.”

Jim DeMint

Former U.S. Senator and Senior Advisor to Convention of States

“Ok, so this is my Dad’s book, and I just might be a bit biased. But our relationship doesn’t change the loss we experienced as a family. Yellow Balloons tells that story. It will challenge you. It will instruct you. It will inspire you. It will give you the hope and the humility to handle whatever comes your way.”

David Dunn

BEC recording artist

Yellow Balloons album and hit songs ‘Wanna Go Back’ and ‘Today is Beautiful’

“For the past 30 years, I have worked as a management consultant advising senior executives on how to best achieve their desired results.  I’ve learned through the years that successful executives have a true perspective and a vivid and detailed understanding of where they want to take their organization, as well as the actions required to get there. In Yellow Balloons, Tim Dunn offers a compelling and practical guide to achieving the right outlook in life and successfully navigating the ups and downs that are sure to come – an excellent resource for getting where you need to go.”

Thomas Elsenbrook

Managing Director, Alvarez & Marsal’s Corporate Performance Improvement

“How can I be a Christian in this rough world we live in? Grace, courage and forgiveness aren’t relevant unless they suffuse our lives outside of church. Yellow Balloons offers a profound answer to what that means and how to do it.”

Leslie Graves

President of

“Choosing a true perspective is one of the most important things an individual can do in their life.  It sounds easy, but in the most difficult times, it is anything but easy.  Through a very personal story, Tim Dunn teaches the reader how to choose a true perspective, and how to trust God, even when it might feel like you can’t.  I was privileged to be with Tim and his family during this very difficult time, so I have a more intimate perspective on this book than most.  I can assure any reader that this is the real deal.  What I witnessed as this family dealt with the most terrible tragedy imaginable, was the choice of a true perspective, and a trust in God like nothing I have ever personally witnessed.  Being a witness, and now reading this book, have both strengthened my faith in God, and my personal commitment to choosing a true perspective.” 

Mark Meckler

President, Citizens for Self-Governance, and the Convention of States Project

“Some rare people are so bright and get so much done I think of them as extraordinary. I usually also think they should write a book so the rest of us could get some idea how they do all they do. My friend Tim Dunn is one of those rare extraordinary people, but he is even rarer in that he has indeed written a book! I hope you will take advantage of that and read it and apply its wisdom in your own life.”

Eric Metaxas

NY Times Bestselling author of ‘Martin Luther’ and ‘If You Can Keep It’

“Those who have made an enormous positive impact on the world like Wilberforce, Bonhoeffer, and Luther viewed life with a perspective shaped by God’s word and leading. In this short book, Dunn demonstrates how any believer can make the same choice, and argues persuasively that God’s promise for each of us is that any life lived from a true, God-shaped perspective is heroic from God’s perspective.”

Greg Thornbury

Chancellor, The King’s College

“After a year of trying to get pregnant, I suffered a miscarriage. It was devastating for both me and my husband. Having finished Yellow Balloons just weeks beforehand, I had a fresh perspective for life in the valley. My trust in God during the storm was transformed. Tim’s vulnerability and struggle in discovering God’s truths about living through life’s varied terrains is a journey we all need to take. As a leadership coach, I regularly share the wisdom gleaned from these pages in hopes of encouraging and empowering others into greater freedom and ownership. As a woman, wife, and fellow traveler, I cannot recommend this book enough.”

Kylie Willis