Living from a false perspective can rob you of joy, peace, and happiness. But choosing a true perspective will set you free. Join us as we choose a true perspective.

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“Drawing from the pages of Scripture, Tim Dunn teaches us that maintaining proper perspective is not only fulfilling, but also provides the strength and wisdom we need to navigate our journey here on earth.” 

Dave Anderson, PhD, Grace School of Theology

“Direct yet endearing. Compact yet profound. Themes like faith, testing and empowerment come alive in unique ways, all designed to help us shape a vital, godly perspective.”

John D. Beckett, Chairman, The Beckett Companies

“Every now and then you come across a commentary that explains clearly in a straight forward format what life is really about. Yellow Balloons is such a book.”

Tom Coburn, Former U.S. Senator

“I regularly share the wisdom gleaned from these pages in hopes of encouraging others into greater freedom…I cannot recommend this book enough.”

Kylie Willis, Leadership Development Manager, The Crossroad

“Yellow Balloons reminds us it is not what we know about God that matters. What matters is that we know God personally by faith, and that we let Him love us through [everything].”

Jim DeMint, Former U.S. Senator, Senior Advisor to Convention of States

“Tim Dunn offers a practical guide to achieving the right outlook in life and successfully navigating the ups and downs that are inevitable – an excellent resource…”

Thomas Elsenbrook, Managing Director, Alvarez & Marsal

“…My friend Tim Dunn is one of those rare extraordinary people…I hope you will take advantage…and read it and apply its wisdom in your own life.”

Eric Metaxas, NY Times Bestselling author of ‘Martin Luther’ and ‘If You Can Keep It’



The Yellow Balloons Podcast takes a deep dive into what the Bible says. It invites us to adopt a true perspective, to be transformed by the choices we make and the God we serve.

Full transcripts of each episode are provided for anyone who would like to follow along, or search for something specific within an episode.

New series launch seasonally.