The Yellow Balloons Podcast takes a deep dive into what the Bible says. The Biblical narrative is a guidepost for daily living. It invites us into discovering a true perspective, to be transformed by the choices we make and the God we serve.

Full transcripts of each episode are available for anyone who would like to follow along, or search for something specific within an episode.

Revelation is a simple book with a simple message. All the imagery, prophecy, and teaching is an exhortation to one important message, the same message that resounds throughout all of Scripture. We are called to be a faithful witness for Christ and His Kingdom, to steward our life with courage and intention in order that we might participate in The Glorious Kingdom of Heaven.

The Book of Daniel is unlike any other book of The Bible. It is a genre-bending narrative with a prophetic exhortation message. In Daniel, we find a flawed but courageous character living out the message of Scripture. With many similarities to The Book of Revelation, Daniel invites us into courage, to overcome the trials of life and serve as a faithful witness for The Kingdom of Heaven.

The Bible is a massive story full of messages of hope, convicting guidelines, and an incredible cast of characters. Yet, Christians often have a difficult time studying Scripture. In this series, we explore the challenges embedded in our attitude, practical approaches we have discovered, and reconnect with the profound and wonder inherent within the pages of Holy Scripture.

Adam and Eve are exiled from the garden with the promise of return, Abraham and Joseph are exiled before being exalted to prominence. The theme of Exile And Return is never more clear than in Israel’s long exile to Babylon. What can we learn in exile? What are the promises of return? What opportunities lie along the way? In all of life we are called to steward faithful obedience to God.

The Book of James is unique to all of Scripture. The way in which James encourages us to persevere, to see all circumstances as trials and opportunities, and to manifest our faith through action sets forward a powerful recipe for what it means to win at life. James challenges our conceptions of success, of faith, and of the daily choices presented to us.

Life is an epic journey. Full of tragedy and triumph. Hope and despair. Love and loss. We are each living our very own grand adventure. What makes life so exciting? How do stories work and how do we make the best of our story? In this season we tackle these questions and more. From Job’s faith to the adoration of the psalms, The Bible has a lot to say about the epic journey of life.

The Hall of Faith is one of the most interesting and enlightening passages of Scripture. Found in Chapter 11 of Hebrews, The Hall of Faith gives a quick sketch and enticing lesson from some of The Bible’s most renowned characters. With Jesus at the head of the line, the Biblical characters have much to teach us about the joy and the difficulty of life, the opportunity of each moment, and the power of faith.

In this series we focus on addressing questions that people who are new to Christianity or are just starting to engage with Scripture might have. We talk with Mark Meckler about his experience as a new Christian, the challenges he faced and questions he wrestled with. The beginning of any new endeavor can be challenging. There are unique practices, new language, and so many questions about the way things are supposed to work. This newness can be tricky to navigate, and sometimes frustrating.

The Book of Hebrews is renowned for its celebration, admonition, and advice on how to live a life of faith. The author tells us of the better way, choices available to us that help us take hold of the inheritance we are granted as Christ’s children. Acknowledging the realities of life, Hebrews spurs us on toward completion, encouraging us to learn from Jesus, the ultimate High Priest.

Tim Dunn and Joey Willis go through the Book of Ecclesiastes, discussing what is being revealed about the nature of God, our world, and our most adequate response. The book focuses on one simple fact: no matter how hard we try, there is no certainty. Rich with humility and hope, uncertainty and purpose, mystery and faith, this book is sure to challenge your perspective on what it means to live life well.

In this season we explore the history of prophecy, its scope and affect, and the response the Bible invites us into. Prophecy speaks to us like no other form can. Its mystery and misinterpretation is often a source of fear and panic. Seeing it truly provides not just hope for the future but for today as well. Join us as we navigate the history of prophecy and discover that, with God in control, there is nothing to fear.

This season is all about how to be rich. What does the Bible say about wealth, treasures, successes, and riches? How does our worldly perspective of prosperity compare with the Biblical one? This series is about the yearning in each of us to succeed, to achieve, and to thrive. It is not about learning how to get rich, but how to be rich. Join as we dive into what Scripture has to say about navigating it effectively.

The early church came of age during the reign of the Roman empire. As the cultural and political center of the world, it is no surprise that Paul was interested in equipping the believers in Rome. In one of the most well-known books of the Bible, Paul addresses the great controversy of the early church – is faith enough? What should the Roman believers think about the law? Are there required behaviors for them to be considered people of God?

The Book of Philippians feasts on the word Phroneo, which means “mindset”. This word is repeated throughout Paul’s letter and is the central theme. Everything we say and do flows from the mindset we choose. It is imperative to perceive as accurately as we can. Otherwise, we will be led astray by false realities and empty promises. The right mindset can bring peace and inspire action. It sets the stage for hope and empowers our ability to love. Jesus modeled this kind of mindset and was constantly challenging others to do the same.

Occasionally we release bonus episodes that are not part of a larger series. These episodes dive into a specific biblical narrative or topic, and span no more than two episodes in length.