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How to be Rich

This season is all about how to be rich. What does the Bible say about wealth, treasures, successes, and riches? How does our worldly perspective of prosperity compare with the Biblical one? This series is about the yearning in each of us to succeed, to achieve, and to thrive. It is not about learning how to get rich, but learning how to be rich. Join as we discuss this pursuit and what Scripture has to say about navigating it effectively.

A full overview of each episode with audio is provided below for anyone who would like to follow along, or search for something specific within the episode.

The Voice of The Lord ep. 6

In this episode, we continue to discuss ways to hear from God. We focus on two powerful ways to observe who God is and [...]

Buying Gold ep. 7

In this episode, our series on how to be rich continues with a discussion about the opportunity we have to listen to God. Scripture [...]

Ways to Hear ep. 8

In this episode, we continue discussing how to listen to God as a method to experience the riches of the Kingdom of God. There [...]

A Foundation ep. 9

In this episode, we continue to explore the key to being rich: listening to God. There is nothing more important than a willingness to [...]

 According to Proverbs ep. 10

In this episode, we discuss a fourth way to listen to God: through godly people. Like the three from the previous episode, this is [...]

Being Rich ep. 11

In this episode, we continue our series on success in the Kingdom of God. We are not talking about how to get rich, but [...]

Contentment ep. 12

In this episode, we try to answer the question: “what is contentment?” Putting our trust in people, circumstances, and things will never satisfy us. [...]

American Prosperity ep. 1

In this episode, we begin our series on what it means to be rich. Our starting point is a distinction between getting rich and [...]

Self-Governance ep. 2

In this episode, we continue our discussion on American history and how it affects Western psychology and modern institutions. Then we turn to the [...]

Money Parables ep. 3

In this episode, we take a look at the way Scripture talks about money. We start by discussing the spiritual truth that money cannot [...]

Parables of Gratification ep. 4

In this episode, we explore two more New Testament parables about money: the unjust steward and the rich man and lazarus. Much of these [...]

Listening for Riches ep. 5

In this episode, we continue our series on how to be rich. Our society is preoccupied with control and taking charge. The great sin [...]

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