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Aspiring To Righteousness: A Study of Romans

The early church came of age during the reign of the Roman empire. As the cultural and political center of the world, it is no surprise that Paul was interested in equipping the believers in Rome. In one of the most well-known books of the Bible, Paul addresses the great controversy of the early church – is faith enough? Two thousand years later, we are still wrestling with this question. What should the Roman believers think about the law? Are there required behaviors for them to be considered people of God? Paul addresses these questions by showing the path to righteousness, meeting counter-arguments head-on, and inspiring us all toward a life of faith.

Within each post below you will find an audio player for each episode as well as a link to the corresponding verses in The Bible Says commentary on Romans for anyone who would like to follow along, or search for something specific within the episode.

Believe vs. Believe and… Ep. 1

Paul writes The Book of Romans to the believers in the most prominent and influential city of the age - Rome. These believers, like [...]

The Definition of Salvation Ep. 5

The Book of Romans centers around the question of whether faith is enough on its own? A key element to Paul’s discussion is the [...]

We’re All Condemners Ep. 3

In this episode, we dive into the weeds of the central question of Romans - are works required or is faith enough on its [...]

The Unrighteous Road Ep. 4

Throughout The Book of Romans, Paul argues that trying to do right all the time is an exercise in futility. Not that we should [...]

Dikaiosune Ep. 6

In this episode, we discuss Paul’s approach to righteousness. Paul’s main thesis is that righteousness is not achieved by man’s ability to uphold the [...]

Paradoxical Ep. 7

Throughout The Book of Romans, Paul addresses the great paradox of faith. Belief requires a certain element of uncertainty. It is all about trusting [...]

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