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James: Winning At Life

The Book of James is unique to all of Scripture. The way in which James encourages us to persevere, to see all circumstances as trials and opportunities, and to manifest our faith in action sets forward a powerful recipe for what it means to win at life. James challenges our conceptions of success, of faith, and the daily choices presented to us. We invite you to join us as we explore what The Book of James has to say about overcoming obstacles, making wise decisions, and thriving during our brief time on this Earth.

A full overview of each episode with audio are provided below for anyone who would like to follow along, or search for something specific within the episode.

A Living Faith ep. 1

The Book of James is unique, interesting, and essential within the Biblical narrative. James  reflects on the nature of success, the importance of wisdom, [...]

Winning At Life ep. 2

In this episode, The Book of James encourages us to lean into wisdom, walk by faith, and pursue God’s version of success. We win [...]

Temptation and Trial ep. 3

In this episode, we continue studying the wisdom of The Book of James. We start in James 1, verse 12 and also explore other [...]

First Fruits ep. 4

In this episode, we look at the drastic progression of sin and the increasing effect it has on our lives. Our flesh often believes [...]

The Brethren ep. 5

James lets us know that his audience is the brethren, fellow believers in Christ. In this episode, we explore how this target audience affects [...]

The Power of Listening ep. 6

In this episode, we focus on one of the most important messages, not only in The Book of James but in all of Scripture. [...]

Dramatic Impact ep. 7

In this episode, we explore this recurring theme in James and in the Bible as a whole. The best path for each of us [...]

Four Questions of Action ep. 8

In the previous episode, we talked about believing the word and speaking the word. In this episode, we explore the challenges and opportunities of [...]

Faith and Works ep. 9

In this episode, we look at the difference between living faith and inactivity. Beginning in Chapter 2, we continue to explore the famous question [...]

An Act of Faith ep. 10

In this episode, we investigate an objection that is raised in Chapter 2 of James regarding the dynamic between faith and works. James makes [...]

It’s Complicated ep. 11

We begin by rehashing some of the complicated issues in The Book of James. What seems like a contradiction on the surface can often [...]

Mercy and Judgment ep. 12

In this episode, we explore the balance between mercy and judgment. We begin by jumping out of The Book of James to see what [...]

The Tongue ep. 13

The third chapter of James gives us a significant key for how to do life well. In this episode, we discover that key and [...]

A Problem of Deception ep. 14

We have a deception problem. We believe too many lies and trust in too many idols. The only way to overcome deception is by [...]

Trial By Fire ep. 15

We begin by talking about Gehenna and what it represents. Then we move onto a brief teaching on hell, looking at scenes in the [...]

The Two Fires ep. 16

In this episode, we begin by talking through the metaphor of sacrifices seasoned with salt. We are the salt of the earth and are [...]

A Binary Choice ep. 17

In this episode, we continue through the fourth chapter of The Book of James. It will show us the impossibility of serving two masters. [...]

The Dance of Drawing ep. 18

In this episode, we explore the give and take of pursuing relationship with God. If we submit to God, he engages with us and [...]

Facing the Finish Line ep. 20

In this episode, we bring in the words of the apostle Timothy to help us as we close out our study on The Book [...]

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