There are a lot of ways we die. Death is the absence of life. And that can come in a physical, literal sense or in a spiritual sense. Loss of life is just one way we cease to be.

One of the great epidemics of death in the modern world is apathy. We are complacent, obsessed with our phones and our instant gratification; addicted to television and beverages. We have made an idol out of numbing ourselves.

Many people are waiting around day in and day out for something to wake them from their stupor. We want more out of life. We are looking at circumstances – the next dating relationship, an online purchase, our team winning the championship, etc. – hoping this will catapult us out of our funk and into elicit joy.

All the while, we are missing the opportunity of every day. We are careless in how we steward our own conduct, in what we do and say, how we treat one another, and our relationship with God.

Listening to God, caring for one another, and keeping God’s commands may not seem flashy and exciting. It is a daily discipline. The plains of life. We would rather have the passion of the mountains and we wait around for it rather than living our day with care.

When apathy sets in, it can be really hard to get out of. Complacency is a quicksand that can steal the joy out of living. It robs us of a true perspective – that every day is an adventure, an opportunity to know God by faith and to love one another.

“He who keeps the commandment keeps his soul, But he who is careless of conduct will die.”
– Proverbs 19:16