When deep pain finds us, we often feel very alone. Pain runs so deep it has a way of isolating us. Especially in this culture of social media, where everyone’s best foot is always forward. Individually and collectively, we avoid pain. And the experience of it, along with the obvious hurts, can make us feel like we are failing, uniquely struggling to cope with the deep sorrow of tragedy.

One of the shocking things about our tragedies is that it opens our eyes to others who are struggling with similar things. Most people aren’t flying flags of prenatal loss. Most people aren’t raising their hands to announce struggles with addiction. We hide our hurts. 

Our hearts are uniquely qualified to ache for these numerous others who are experiencing the same tragedy we are. An amazing thing happens – we serve one another in our shared pain (with helpful advice, empathy, and the general feeling that we are not alone).

Our struggles are an opportunity. Not just for us to gain a true perspective. Not just for us to grow and to learn and to persevere. Our trials qualify us to love and serve others. They invite us into unique opportunities to care for a hurting world.

“Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.”
– Galatians 6:2