We all serve something. When we fear or submit to anything, that is worship. The human spirit has no choice but to submit.

We can play mind games to try to get around this – so we can say we serve ourselves. But as hard as we might try, this doesn’t work. The source of satisfaction of our desires, whether shallow or deep, will always connect to things outside ourselves.

A danger of the mountaintops of life is that momentary pleasant circumstances can perpetuate an illusion of self-dependence. We can, for a moment, believe we have validation that a false belief is true.

Life’s mountaintops can be a hard place to see what is true. Since the foundation of worship is what we believe to be true, mountaintop experiences can lead us to worship falsely.

A true perspective allows us to see things as they are. We can choose to see what is true in the midst of mirage and illusions.

It is reasonable to say that the greatest trial of all is the mountaintop of prosperity. The illusions of the idolatry of self-dependence lurk. But that also means that the greatest opportunity lies there as well. Choosing to depend on Jesus when all we see surrounding us say that isn’t necessary might be the greatest act of worship.

The truth is that Jesus is the truth. He is the way, and the truth and the life all the time. Even on the mountaintop.

“The idols of the nations are but silver and gold, the work of man’s hands.”
– Psalm 135:15