We have narrowed the word “miracle” to mean “something physical we are not used to seeing”. We talk about the physical healings of Jesus as his miracles. What Jesus does to the physical elements of this world are only a shadow of the truly miraculous work of his life.

The primary focus of Jesus is the healing of souls. Physical miracles are a manifestation of his power – so that others might have a glimpse of what he is capable of and come to him for the main event.

When Jesus says “it is your faith that has made you whole”, we often assume he is talking about cause and effect. You had faith so now your physical body is healed.

Perhaps he was saying something much deeper.

Jesus makes this statement about wholeness only to the leper who returned to thank him. The leper had already been physically healed, but he wanted the man behind the power. He returned to Jesus in gratitude. He recognized that the “mountaintop” of being physically healed wasn’t a place to remain. His faith pursuit of Jesus led him to wholeness. Faith is not what leads to healing; faith is the healing.

No matter whether we are sick, battered or broken or whether we encounter a physical blessing, a faith pursuit of Jesus is the path to wholeness.

“Then he said to him, ‘Rise and go; your faith has made you whole.’”
– Luke 17:19