Job is renowned for his faithfulness. But in Chapter 6 of the book bearing his name, Job is struggling. In earlier verses, he wonders if it might be better for him to go ahead and die. He is out of energy. He longs for something tangible to grab onto and be the source of hope.

When our circumstances are dire and our long-suffering feels way past an expiration date, how do we hold on? How do we continue to endure when we are past our breaking point?

Job has no strength to muster hope. No prospects to justify patience. And so, he does all he can do. He cries out to the Lord. The rest of Chapter 6 is a plea for God to make himself known.

It is God who allowed Job’s trial, and it is God that delivers Job. Not Job’s strength. It is not the redemption of Job’s circumstances that is Job’s true deliverance. It is Job’s deepened knowledge of God. A knowledge gained by faith.

Life is full of challenges and tragedies. It is too much for us to bear on our own – too much for our own strength, too much for our circumstances. By trusting in the God of the Universe, we allow for more than we can do on our own. More than we can comprehend. More than we can endure.

Faith is the gateway to abundance. Riches beyond measure. Not a materialistic, superficial treasure, but the invaluable glory of coming to know God by faith, as we walk through the terrains of life.

“What strength do I have, that I should still hope? What prospects, that I should be patient?”
– Job 6:11