Scripture admonishes us to wait on God. It goes against most every aspect of our current culture. If cell coverage causes our phones to take ten seconds to load, we feel terribly inconvenienced. We can’t stand to have to wait [to watch cat videos].

We want to move, shake, get things done, take control, and achieve. The last thing we want to do is wait.

Yet waiting is a beautiful opportunity. It is commanded. It is a chance to pause, to worship, to trust, to exercise faith, the very same faith that fascinates angels.

Waiting allows us to confront and embrace our lack of control. It allows us to reflect on what is true, and real. It allows us to reassess our role, and God’s role, and make sure we are not sitting in the wrong chair, and trying to do God’s work of being the judge of the world.

Righteous waiting is an art. To be expectant yet involved; both hopeful and participative. The power and love of God is our strength, and waiting is an act of obedience.

A true perspective helps us toe the line between avoidance and patience. It can be difficult to discern between times when good stewardship means taking responsibility to act and times when good stewardship means waiting patiently for God to act. It can be difficult to move. And difficult to wait.

Waiting is not apathy. The subject of apathy is self. We are told to wait on a person, to wait on the Lord.

Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him.”
– Psalm 37:7