One of the marks of a faithful disciple is perseverance. We may try to shortcut the process of success and side step troubles. But difficulties arising from living faithfully are not reasons to step away from a godly life; they are the very evidence of a life of faithfulness.

Cinderella found herself in the most troubling of circumstances. She was taken advantage of, discarded, ignored, and devalued. She was pushed aside. Yet she remained kind and compassionate, caring and humble. She refused to become what she despised. She behaved in a royal manner while living among the cinders.

It turns out Cinderella was made for royalty. And, amazingly, so are we. But we currently sit among the cinders of the world. And the world does not recognize our calling. The world will abuse us. It will attempt to beat us down, silence us, and strangle our potential into its own mold. It will not stop unless we join it, and become fellow abusers.

Like Cinderella, we were made for more. And, like Cinderella, we can refuse to succumb. We can choose a “godly life,” a life fit for family members of the King of all creation. Persecution is an expected part of living in a Christ-like manner. The world will not understand the faith of the disciple. But this world is not the disciple’s fate. Our true citizenship is in heaven.

“In fact, everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.”
– 2 Timothy 3:12