We trust in idols because we seek the benefits they promise. In former times, we might pay an offering to the idol as the price to gain a good crop, or perhaps to achieve a victory.

These days idolatry is still a type of transaction. Idols are no longer statues, but activities, possessions, or experiences. Modern idols still require a sacrifice with the hope of repayment. Perhaps we sacrifice integrity to a job expecting to gain money.

Idols may change with the times, but one thing remains unchanged: the things of this world are not adequate to meet our deepest longings. Idols never deliver fulfillment. They never come through. We give them our devotion and they have nothing true to offer in return.

Faith in God is also an exchange, but with vast differences. God promises blessings if we follow him. As we listen to Him and obey what he says, our lives are transformed.

Idols do the opposite – they promise to satisfy any lust in the instant they are consumed. Idols promise control. The reality of idolatry is to sacrifice the life we truly seek and gain in return the death we sought to avoid. The promised control becomes slavery.

Trusting God means giving thanks for whatever circumstances we have, believing God has our best interest at heart. The key to gaining life is to set aside illusions of control and false promises of fulfillment and serve the Lord with our whole being.

Only God is the Lord. There is no other. When we trust idols, we trade freedom for slavery and fulfillment for misery.

Only God is the Lord. But he gave us the amazing choice whether or not to trust him. Trusting God is the best and most fundamental decision we can make.

“Do not turn to idols or make for yourselves molten gods; I am the Lord your God.”
– Leviticus 19:4